Things You Need To Know As A Baby Witch

Posted by misty johnson on

Starting your witchy journey? You may be wondering where to begin, or feel lost, I get it we've all been there! Everyone has to start somewhere. I've made a basic list of things you may want to study as a beginner witch and a quick guide of where exactly to jump on the bus with this journey. Lets get started, first you may want to find out what type of witchcraft you're drawn to,  there are tons of types but we'll keep it simple to start, here are 5 basic types of witches. 

Cosmic Witch - this means you're into astrology, zodiac signs, horoscopes, & celestial energy.

Divination Witch - this means you're into palmistry, crystal balls, reading the future, tarot cards, tea leaf reading

Kitchen Witch - this means you're into recipes, cooking, protection spells, cleansings. 

Green Witch - this means you're into herbalism, botany, folk magic, crystals

Sea Witch - this means you're into oceans, lakes, seas, lunar magic, weather magic

Figuring out which type of witch (no pun intended) you are is probably my first advice, but if you want to just study the basics of witchcraft I have this great printable set of Book Of Shadows basics straight from my own located here.