How To Have A Virtual Baby Shower

Posted by misty johnson on

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

Virtual or online baby showers are generally the same concept as traditional baby showers and can happen before baby arrives or after.

But some things are going to have to be a little bit different. Mostly, we need to acknowledge that a virtual shower isn’t going to totally replace a real one. But, you can have many of the same games, refreshments and general feeling of in-person mingling, and it’s also a lot more casual—we honestly can’t blame your guests for wearing yoga pants to your virtual shower. (Though some guests may appreciate the chance to dress up!)

So how do you throw this virtual shower? Here are some tips:

  • Play games that you can send via email to your guests before the shower make sure they are in JPG format for virtual
  • Collaborate on recipes for appetizers everyone can make and eat at home during the shower
  • Find a free video chat service such as Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to use for the shower
  • Make or buy digital invitations to email to your guests
  • Put someone in charge of gifts, most people do gift cards as those can be sent digitally through email, but you can totally have guests ship items on the registry or drop them off before or after the shower

The main thing to remember is though there may be some awkward moments in person showers have those too, and the whole point is to have fun, right? 

Check out my printable or virtual baby shower games.