6 Christmas Party Family Game Set, Printable or Virtual Kids Adults Activity Bundle, Instant Download

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This is a Christmas Party Activity/ Game Pack, with this purchase you will receive the following games in 8.5x11 & 2 5x7s per page with any needed answers:

CHRISTMAS TRIVIA (multiple choice Christmas Trivia Game)
FINISH THE PHRASE (pick someone to finish the words or phrases and try to guess what they said)
FIND THE GUEST BINGO (find a guest who matches the clues, first to get a line wins!)
CHRISTMAS WORD SCRAMBLE (can you unscramble these Christmas words?)
CHRISTMAS WORD SEARCH (can you find these Christmas words?)
CHRISTMAS SCATTERGORIES (can you think of a word that fits the clue and starts with the letter?)

The files you receive will be 300 dpi high resolution JPG files, which will be both 8.5x11 and 2 5x7s per page, for each game. You will also receive an answer key for any game which needs one.