Murder Mystery Print And Solve At Home Cold Case File 1 Detective Game Katie Mann Hotel

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Are you feeling bored stuck at home? Check out this printable or virtual solve at home detective game. If you like to solve cold case files this one is for you! 

Unleash your inner detective to look through all of the case files of this cold case and find out what happened to Katie Mann a guest at a local LA hotel who mysteriously turned up dead one day. Was it a murder? Use your best skills to find out. This can be played alone, or with multiple people there are over 20 files and evidence photos to look through digitally or print out. I recommend printing PDFS with Adobe Reader which is free from the Adobe website. This case file includes:
6 Person of Interest Forms
6 Police Interview Transcripts
911 Transcript
Witness Statement
Evidence Photos
Text Messages
Autopsy Report & Lab Results
Newspaper Article
Arrest Records & More

Download everything and print them all out if you want to have others help in person, or just want the real feel when solving! Or send all of the files to your Zoom guests for a virtual mystery solving party. Please note I made this game from scratch including the characters and story, every single document was created in Photoshop and took a very long time, it is my intention that it will take you at least an hour or two to solve the case, however if you're an absolute expert and super fast reader you may get through it more quickly, please do not hold your brainpower against me! I've always enjoyed making party games, and watching cold case files this is my first attempt at making my own I hope you like it! Please also note I will attach the answer to the case and how you can find it in the files, it will be called "ANSWER" I would suggest solving the case yourself before opening this file.