July 4th Independence Day Party Games, Printable Or Virtual Kids Adults Family Reunion Activity Sheets, Instant Download

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 Great for your July 4th cookout party, dinner or church gathering office or zoom party  to help make more fun memories! You and your guests will try to solve this 4th of July word search, great for kids, teens and adults! All you need to do is download and print at home, it couldn't be easier. The following 14 games are included:

1. JULY 4TH TRIVIA (multiple choice trivia game with answer key)
2. JULY 4TH SCATTERGORIES (how quick can you come up with words that fit?)
3. JULY 4TH WORD SEARCH (everyone loves a good word search)
4. JULY 4TH WORD SCRAMBLE (have your guests try to unscramble these Independence Day related words)
5. JULY 4TH FIND THE GUEST BINGO (ice breaker game find the party guest that matches the clues, first to get a line yells bingo)
6. JULY 4TH FINISH THE PHRASE (finish the phrase game have another guest or host fill in answer sheet and try to guess what they wrote)
7. FINISH THE WORD (fill in the Independence Day words!)
8. 4TH OF JULY CROSSWORD PUZZLE (everyone loves a crossword puzzle)
9. WHATS IN YOUR BAG (add up the points for the items you have)
10 WHATS IN YOUR PHONE (do you have these items on your phone?)
12. EMOJI PICTIONARY (can you guess these Independence Day terms by emojis?)
13. A-Z CHALLENGE (name an Independence Day word for each letter)
14. WORD CHALLENGE (how many words can you make from Independence Day?)

You will receive a zip file with the following items inside:

 High resolution PDF sized 8.5” x 11"

 High resolution PDF sized 8.5" x 11" with 2 x 5" x 7" per page