Super Bowl Party Family Game Set, Printable or Virtual Kids Adults Activity Bundle, Instant Download

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This is a Super Bowl Party Activity/ Game Pack, with this purchase you will receive the following games:

SUPER BOWL TRIVIA (multiple choice trivia game with answer key)
SUPER BOWL SCATTERGORIES (how quick can you come up with words that fit?)
SUPER BOWL WORD SEARCH (everyone loves a good word search)
SUPER BOWL WORD SCRAMBLE (have your guests try to unscramble these Super Bowl related words)
NFL TEAM/ LOCATION QUIZ (can you match the NFL teams to their locations? includes answers)
SUPER BOWL PREDICTIONS (will your predictions match up with the game?)
GUESS THE SUPER BOWL (get points for things you guess will happen or not happen)
SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL BINGO (write the commercials or brands you think will appear, cross them off when they happen first to get a line wins!)
SUPER BOWL SCAVENGER HUNT (look for these things in the game and commercials get points for the ones you find!)
SUPER BOWL EMOJI PICTIONARY (guess the football / super bowl related words by the emojis)
WHATS IN YOUR PHONE? (do you have the items on the list in your phone?)
WHATS IN YOUR BAG? (works for purses, wallets, or pockets too!)
SUPER BOWL MATCH UP ( can you match the teams?)
SUPER BOWL A-Z CHALLENGE (can you come up with football / super bowl related words for each letter?)

The files you receive will be 300 dpi high resolution PDF files, which will be both 8.5x11 and 2 5x7s per page, for each game. You will also receive an answer key for the trivia game, the word scramble and the NFL locations quiz, Match up, Emoji Pictionary.