Mardi Gras Party Printable Or Virtual Games, Ideas, Activities for Family, Adults, Kids, Teens Seniors

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This is a Mardi Gras Party Activity/ Game Pack, with this purchase you will receive the following games:

MARDI GRAS TRIVIA (multiple choice trivia game with answer key)
MARDI GRAS SCATTERGORIES (how quick can you come up with words that fit?)
MARDI GRAS WORD SEARCH (everyone loves a good word search)
MARDI GRAS WORD SCRAMBLE (have your guests try to unscramble these Mardi Gras related words)
FIND THE GUEST BINGO (use the clues to find a matching guest, first to get a line and yell bingo wins)
FINISH THE PHRASE (have the host write in answers and everyone else gets to guess use a timer to make it more challenging)
MARDI GRAS WHATS IN YOUR PHONE (do you have the items on the list in your phone?)
MARDI GRAS WHATS IN YOUR BAG (what do you have in your bag, pockets, purse or wallet?)
MARDI GRAS SCAVENGER HUNT (can you find the items on the list?)
MARDI GRAS SYNONYM GAME (can you match the synonyms?)
JAZZ HISTORY TRIVIA GAME (can you answer these jazz history trivia questions?)
MARDI GRAS EMOJI PICTIONARY (guess the mardi gras words or phrases by the emojis)
A-Z CHALLENGE (write a word relating to Mardi Gras for each letter)
DRINK IF (the only "adults only" game in the pack, a drinking game played in rounds)

The files you receive will be 300 dpi high resolution PDFfiles, which will be both 8.5x11 and 2 5x7s per page, for each game. You will also receive an answer key for the trivia game, the word scramble, Emoji Pictionary, jazz history, and the synonym game.