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This is a Mardi Gras Party Activity/ Game Pack, with this purchase you will receive the following games:

MARDI GRAS TRIVIA (multiple choice trivia game with answer key)
MARDI GRAS SCATTERGORIES (how quick can you come up with words that fit?)
MARDI GRAS WORD SEARCH (everyone loves a good word search)
MARDI GRAS WORD SCRAMBLE (have your guests try to unscramble these Mardi Gras related words)
FIND THE GUEST BINGO (use the clues to find a matching guest, first to get a line and yell bingo wins)
FINISH THE PHRASE (have the host write in answers and everyone else gets to guess use a timer to make it more challenging)

The files you receive will be 300 dpi high resolution PDF files, which will be both 8.5x11 and 2 5x7s per page, for each game. You will also receive an answer key for the trivia game, the word scramble.