Printable or Virtual Olympics Party Games, Logos, Mascots, Athletes, Trivia

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Having an Olympics themed gathering, event or party? This is perfect to add tons of fun, laughter and memories to your event! You could even hand out your own medals based on who gets the most points! There are 6 games included in this bundle of Olympic Games that can either be printed for in person use or sent out via email to use over zoom or FaceTime if you can't be together in person!
The games included are:

1. Emoji Pictionary (can you figure out these olympic words by their emojis?)
2. Guess The Logo ( how well do you know your olympic logos?)
3. Guess The Mascot (how well do you know your past olympic mascots?)
4. Guess The Flag (can you match the countries to their appropriate flag?)
5. Guess The Sport (use the icons to figure out the olympic sport it demonstrates)
6. Guess The Olympian (do you know your former olympic athletes?)
7. Scavenger Hunt (how many items can you find on the list?)

All needed answers are included.

The files you receive will be 300 dpi high resolution PDF files which will be both 8.5x11 and 2 5x7s per page, for each game. You will also receive an answer key for the games that need them.