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If you need office games for your staff members team meetings, team building, work parties, happy hour or staff appreciation this is the bundle of printable activities to go for. This set includes 34 different printable games and team building activities that are designed for any work environment as well as all needed instructions and answers. The games can be printed as is, or you can edit them yourself and then print them if you need to. Great set to cover years of office activities! All games are 8.5x11 and 2 per page.

The games included are:

Office Friendly Feud
Office Emoji Quiz
Finish My Phrase
Who's Most Likely To?
Office Scavenger Hunt
Co-Worker Red Light / Green Light
Office Selfie Scavenger Hunt
Whats On Your Phone
Who Knows The Boss Best
Pass The Post It
Find A Co-worker Bingo
Would You Rather
Match The Pair
It's All A Joke
All In A Word
A-Z Activities
Triangle Of Answers
Team Building Activities
Minute To Win It Ideas
Pixel Art
Drawing Game
Candy Dice
Whats In Your Desk
Tic Tac Toe
Word Search
Trio Of Answers
All About Me
Dot Dot Square
Give Yourself Points

Please note you may email the games to a print shop or share with co-workers but games are copyrighted to ©EnjoyMyPrintables and may not be re-sold or shared freely in any format including editing them first.