Printable Book Of Shadows Grimoire Pages, Moon Phases, Herbs, Candle Magic, Cleansing, Witch Tools

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This is the basic (yet slightly fancier) witchcraft printable grimoire set I always wanted! Every witch needs to know the basics, with this set you will be able to print
these five aesthetically pleasing pages guaranteed to make your grimoire or book of shadows look great whether you glue them in, or use a 3 ring binder, or frame them and put them on the wall they are beautiful.

This set includes:
Moon Phases (the moons phases and what they are best for)
Common Tools (common tools for the modern witch)
Common Herbs (common herbs with graphics & their uses)
Cleansing Tools (how to cleanse tools & items)
Candle Colors (which candle color you should use for what)

These are high resolution 8.5x11 PDF files since they are graphic intensive, and were lovingly made in photoshop you may need to print PDFS with Adobe Reader which is free and available for windows & mac on the adobe reader website.