Printable Fathers Day Games And Answers Bundle | DIY Activities For Dads, Adults, Kids To Play Awards To Celebrate Dads

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This printable bundle of Fathers Day games and activities with dad award certificates and nomination forms is perfect for adults and kids to celebrate dads on Fathers day as a family and is great for all ages. There are over 20 fun and unique games, plus certificates so you can have an awards ceremony. This game bundle contains trivia, group games, guess the price and emoji pictionary plus tons of other premium fun games with instructions and answers they are also made to be ink savers and look great on plain printer paper. The games included in this bundle are:
1 - Dad Says Emoji Pictionary
2 - Dad Jokes
3 - Design Dads Dream Garage
4 - Movie Dad Match
5 - Whats Your Dad Name?
Plus Name Tags
6 - Draw & Color Dad
7 - Guess The Price?
8 - Whats On Your Phone?
9 - Whats In Your Wallet?
10 - Fact Or Fiction
11 - Survey Says
12 - Finish Dads Phrases
13 - All About My Dad
14 - Scattergories
15 - Don’t Look & Draw
16 - Dad Charades 2 Pages
17 - Riddle Me This
18 - Dad Dictionary
19 - Funny Dad-Vice
20 - 15 Funny Dad Awards
Certificates & Nominations
Comes in sizes 8.5x11 and 2 5x7s per page with all needed answers and instructions. You may print as many copies as needed, you may not redistribute my design in any way its copyrighted to ©EnjoyMyPrintables