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Are you planning a sleepover or slumber party for your teen or tween girl? This 24 game bundle of slumber party printable games will provide loads of interesting activities, ideas and quizzes for everyone to play. The trendy games are pink checker printed with fun sticker looking graphics they are editable so you can change anything that you wish from the link after purchase. You may also print them and use them as is. Games are a budget friendly way to add entertainment, fun memories, laughs and social media photo opportunities to any party and these slumber party games are great because you can edit any part of them to personalize them for your party. This set of games includes the following 24 great games with instructions, and needed answers:
1 - Sleepover Friendly Feud
2 - Spin The Nail Polish Bottle
3 - Scattergories
4 - Match The Pair
5 - Sleepover Drawing Game
6 - Candy Dice
7 - Guess Who's Memory
8 - M.A.S. H
9 - Whats On Your Phone?
10 - Who Knows Best?
11 - Pass The Post It
12 - Find A Guest Who Bingo
13 - Would She Rather
14 & 15 - 2 Pages Of Charades
16 - A-Z Activities
17 - Mad Lib Story
18 - Three Of Each
19 - Whats In Your Bag
20 - Most Likely To
21 - Pass The Present
22 - Selfie Race
23 - Take Some Points
24 - Minute To Win It
With 18 Game Ideas

Edit the games after purchase with Canva for free from any browser to personalize them for your sleepover, or print them as is in either 8.5x11 or 2 5x7s per page for economical printing.

Printing -
Print at home, office or local library for cheap and easy printing.